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Chinese New Year

Chinese New Year (Year of the Rooster) 2017

An educational and fantastic week was had by Reception children as we celebrated Chinese New Year. To start off the celebrations we all watched on the whiteboard Chinese Children celebrating their New Year, then Miss Doughty explained to the children all about the fantastic activities we were going to be doing.
First of all Reception boarded an aircraft and took their seats for a flight from Hong Kong to China! They loved this, (and so did Miss Doughty asking children to make sure their seats were in the upright position and pointing out the emergency exits etc lol!!!)
Then we got to work making Lucky Chinese Envelopes( we put in a surprise too), Chinese Lanterns, a Chinese New Year Rooster, Dragon Dancing, sang Gung Hay Fat Choy and to finish off the week Reception enjoyed a Chinese Banquet of rice, noodles, sweet and sour and prawn crackers.

Phew! A very busy but very enjoyable week for all our children and us too!

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