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Gingerbread Shows

The children have had a wonderful time making delicious gingerbread people today.

The children followed instructions carefully and mixed flour, sugar, ginger and eggs in a bowl. They all measured the ingredients and learnt how to use the scales,recognising different numbers and quantities.

Christine (the little old lady) helped the children to develop finger strength skills by encouraging them to stir, pinch, roll and press the gingerbread and then showed the children how we put them in the oven carefully to cook.

The children were very excited when the gingerbread men and ladies came out of the oven and watched carefully to see if they ran away.

Afterwards we had a lovely time decorating and eating our gingerbread.

Well done Nursery! You are fantastic bakers!


Gingerbread Part One.wmv

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Gingerbread Part 2.wmv

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