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Reading and Phonics

We love reading at our school. We believe it is the core of children’s learning and well being.  At Christ Church Ainsworth, reading is taught discreetly and applies every day across all subjects. 

  • Guided Reading

  • Phonics

  • Literacy Lessons

  • Home reading books

  • Cross Curricular (All subjects)


Guided reading

We have daily Guided Reading sessions in all classes.  We use a reading carousel model, where children spend 30 minutes each day on reading tasks.  These tasks include pre reading activities; teacher led guided reading, follow up activities and comprehension skills.

We have lots of books to choose from within our Guided Reading schemes. At Christ Church Ainsworth, our core reading schemes are Oxford Reading Tree, Rigby Star and Rigby Rocket, however we have other schemes and ‘real books’ which enable children to read a variety of genres in a much wider context.


Reading for Pleasure

Reading for pleasure is also an important part of our reading carousel as this gives children an opportunity to experience the joy of reading. During the carousel, children across the junior classes visit the school library where they read books alongside their peers.  Children enjoy this session as it gives them an opportunity to read stories to each other and discuss their favourite authors.


Reading Buddies

We have ‘Reading Buddies’ lunchtime clubs. Year 6 children read with younger children and help them to apply all of the strategies they are learning to read unknown words by segmenting and blending.

The older children teach the younger children to talk about the text and the illustrations and ask questions to see if the younger children understand what they are reading. This helps to develop everyone’s reading confidence!



Children visit the library regularly to choose books that they enjoy. There is a range of fantastic fiction and non-fiction books to choose from.

We have been focusing on developing the children’s knowledge of authors, so, our Library Coordinator has been very busy filling the library with books by new authors for the children to enjoy.  



Reading across the Curriculum

We enjoy using our reading skills in every lesson and teachers provide opportunities for children to do so in all subjects.  In every class there is a book corner filled with books to support curriculum topics and for children to enjoy.


If you would like access to some fantastic reading activities, why not visit our ‘kids’ Zone’ on our Online Learning page.

If you would like to know more about reading at Christ Church School, feel free to contact us and we will be able to give you more information.


Teaching Phonics - Letters and Sounds

At Christ Church Ainsworth School we use ‘letters and sounds’ to teach Phonics.

We have a 25 minute daily phonics session where we learn about how to read and write using our phonic knowledge.

We play lots of different phonic games which help us understand how sounds make words and we use words to make sentences. We use the Interactive Whiteboard to play games and learn new phonemes and graphemes. In Year 1 children know that some sounds can be written more than one way.

Why not visit Family Learning  to play some games with your child/ children.