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First Aid in School


All the staff at CCA have given up their own time to after school First Aid training sessions.


Here is an up to date break down of qualifications achieved since November 2014.

First Aid At Work FAA Level 3                   x 3 Qualifications  (18 hours)

Paediatric FAA Level 3 First Aid             x 26 Qualifications  (12 hours)

Paediatric Level 3 Emergency First Aid   x 7 Qualifications  (7 hours)

CPR/AED Defibrillation FAA Level 2 (refresher) x All staff in the School (2 hours)


These nationally accredited qualifications have been gained by learning first aid subjects ranging from treating and documenting a simple graze or bump, treating and caring for a burn, controlling bleeding, helping a child having a seizure, recognizing and treating anaphylactic shock right through to carrying out life saving techniques such as CPR, choking, and defibrillation.


Nationally, a primary school’s requirement in this area of training is to have only 3 nominated First Aid workers trained to First Aid At Work FAA Level 3 standard. By completing these extra qualifications The Head Teacher  and staff have displayed that they take the safety of the children very seriously.

The PTA, which is financially supported by  parents and families attending events and helping the school to raise funds, have paid £1,250 for the school to be fitted with an AED Defibrillator and also for the qualification certificates and booklets.


Mr M Boulton (first aid trainer and parent at the school) said,

When we send our children to C C Ainsworth Primary School, we all know there are potential illnesses and accidents waiting to happen - this is unfortunately something we cannot avoid. Knowing that the staff at CCA are more prepared, trained and ready for such events should offer parents comfort when we wave our children off at the school gates every morning.’