Christ Church Ainsworth

CE Primary School and Nursery

Together we... Collaborate, Challenge, Achieve

Visions and Values


At the Last Supper, as Jesus prepared to return to his Father,

he instructed his disciples in a new commandment, to love one another.


At Christ Church Ainsworth we try and follow Jesus example by showing love for our friends, our school, our community and the wider world. When God's love shines through us, it shows the world that we belong to him - we show that we are Christians through our love.


Vision Statement:

A Christian school, at the heart of the community, where everyone is loved and cherished – a place of learning, creativity and personal development, where all are equipped with the skills to succeed and the opportunity to reach their full potential so they may influence the world of tomorrow.


Mission Statement:


Collaborate, Challenge, Achieve

Collaborate, Challenge, Achieve

Ethos Statement:

This school recognises its historic foundation and will preserve and develop its religious character in accordance with the principles of the Church of England in partnership with its local church and diocese.

We aim to serve our community by providing high quality education within the context of Christian belief and practice. We encourage an understanding of the meaning and significance of faith and promote Christian values through the experiences we offer all our pupils.

Our values are at the core of all we do enabling us to support and develop each other within a Christian environment. The school encourages values which it promotes through the actions and behaviours of children, staff, parents and governors; through love, trust, kindness, respect, friendship, responsibility, perseverance, teamwork, honesty, resilience and tolerance.

Aims of the School:

To create a loving, welcoming and caring atmosphere in school where children, staff, parents and visitors feel valued and safe.

To be a place where parents and carers trust that the school will educate, inspire and nurture each child to develop as young people of tomorrow.

To deliver high quality teaching and learning experiences for our pupils, that promote high standards and progress for all.

Encourage children to explore and develop their Christian faith and gain an understanding and respect for the faiths and beliefs of others.

Ensure children are sensitive towards the needs of others and display kindness, respect and tolerance towards themselves, their peers, the wider community and environment.

To develop confident learners, who take ownership of their learning, through challenges and teamwork; pupils who are proud of their achievements and are well prepared for life in modern Britain.

To promote a ‘Have a go’ culture where children develop perseverance and resilience; displaying the confidence to challenge themselves as learners.

To develop the whole child, meeting individual needs, where differences are celebrated.

Promote trust and friendship through positive learning partnerships between home, school, the church and wider community.

Summary Statement:

Christ Church Ainsworth School is a place where a learning journey begins, where all are valued, feel loved and cherished and are given the opportunity to grow and develop themselves within a supportive and nurturing environment. It is a happy, caring and productive school where little people are recognised as individuals, where all achievements are celebrated and pupils leave us with the confidence and motivation to embark on the next chapter of their journey in Education.



Care, respect and tolerance underpin warm relationships, strong teamwork and a joyful atmosphere at this successful school. Staff and pupils live up to their Christian values so everyone can flourish and succeed.