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Governing Body - Election of Parent Governors - September 2016


Votes Cast - 107

Positions available - 3

Candidates nominated - 4



Mrs Jayne Deakin - 102 votes - elected

Mrs Terri Franklin - 96 votes - elected

Mrs Cathy Hamilton - 82 votes - elected

Mr Nick Chew - 37 votes


Thank you to all candidates for expressing an interest in becoming a parent governor.





Governing Body - Spring 2016

The full Governing Body continues to meet on a regular basis and has an excellant attendance record. There are also a number of sub-committees that hold meetings when necessary. Each governor is linked to a specific section of the school curriculum e.g Numercy, Literacy, ICT, Finance, Teaching and Learning and Resources and Safeguarding.


Several governors are in school on a regular basis, working with the children on Literacy, ICT Club and a number of topics that are specific to a particular Year Group's curriculum where their knowledge is such that their input is very useful. They also attend all Parents' Evenings and are available for anyone to speak with during that time.


In recent weeks they have been in school during the day to observe activities by completing 'Learning Walks'. This was specifically aimed at the 'Slow Write' initiative and 'Challenge in Maths'. Most governors also attended a 'Prevent Strategy' training session that is aimed at the recognition of external influences on radicalisation.


Governors buy into training sessions run by Bury LA to help further their understanding of any changes within the National Curriculum Framework.