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A chocolate experiment

Today we were scientists!
Nursery children had a lovely afternoon making chocolate Easter nests. First we looked at a bar of chocolate and passed some pieces around to feel how hard they were. The children decided that these pieces were too hard and were no good for making nests. We learnt a new word, 'solid'. 
When asked how to make the chocolate melt, we thought about putting it in the sun or making it warm and decided that heat was a very good idea. Mrs Connelly/ Mrs Cornford put a cup full of very hot water in the middle of the carpet and placed some kitchen foil on top. The children were then asked what they thought might happen if we put the chocolate on top of it and we had some brilliant predictions. 
Then the children sat so quietly that the teachers thought we'd left the room, as in front of our eyes the chocolate melted into a 'liquid'; this was our second new word of the day!
Nursery decided that this liquid chocolate was much better for making Easter nests!
The learning wasn't over yet however, as Mrs Connelly/ Mrs Cornford placed some little liquid chocolate drops on a bun case and asked what would happen if she put it in the fridge. Lots of super suggestions were put forward, with many children thinking the chocolate would get cold, or freeze. Some children even predicted that it would go hard, fantastic! At the end of the session we took the bun case out of the fridge and discovered that the chocolate had indeed turned hard and that we'd made chocolate buttons! Yummy! Super learning and fun, well done boys and girls. Enjoy your Easter nests.