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Year 3

Welcome to Year 3.
Grosvenor Museum, Chester On Thursday 28th June 2012 Year 3 went to the Grosvenor Museum in Chester to learn what life was like in Roman Britain. First we looked in the galleries and then we went upstairs to learn more about the Romans in Chester. After lunch we put on our armour and went to look at the Roman walls, gates and the amphitheatre.
We marched back to the coach singing our marching song.
Please look at the slide show of our day!
Diamond Jubilee

Take a look at our children enjoying the Diamond Jubilee Party.

Diamond Jubilee Celebrations

On Friday 1st June we held our Diamond Jubilee Party. All children came dressed as either Royalty or a guest. Please a look at the shows of a fantastic day and fantastic outfits.

Environment Day 24th May 2012

We held our annual Environment Day on the 24th May 2012. The sun shone for us and the whole school worked hard weeding, digging and planting all of the schools grounds and gardens. Well done everyone! The school looks great !
Please take a look at the slideshows of the pupils and staff hard at work! We hope you enjoy them!

Talent Show 2012

Year 3 has talent!

The school council organised a talent contest in which the whole school could participate.
Please click on the shows to see what talent is in our class.

The Papaya That Spoke

Year 3 are learning all about Traditional Tales in our Literacy lessons.
We have all learnt the story of The Papaya That Spoke.
Please click on the slideshows to see 2 pupils from Year 3 telling the story.
We are also learning about Ancient Egypt in our History lessons and we are learning to play the recorder in our music lessons.

Please click on the slideshow... Year 3 has a message for you!

Year 3 have spent the last half term learning about their bodies.

They have drawn some brilliant self-portraits and painted some lovely family portraits too.

They have also designed and made some ' wacky ' glasses. Elton John has some competition from Yr3!
Please take a look at the slideshow of our ' Wacky Glasses':
Year 3 have settled in wonderfully and are busy making displays of their work for their classroom: