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Reception in their Space Role Play

Space Role Play

Well our Reception Space Topic is a massive hit. Our children have been lucky enough to have space visitors to our classroom. Miss Doughty left her camera in her car switched on and it captured a space ship hovering over school, then it landed on the roof, the door opened and a big bright light shone out the door as the camera then turned off. We couldn't believe it! Our children then set about drawing pictures of what they thought was in the space craft and wrote a few sentences about themselves. We left them on the writing table overnight and the camera was left switched on in the classroom. The next day we watched a space ship hover over our writing table as if it was reading our writing. It then went in our Space Role play area and hovered in there.. We were all so excited. Nothing happened for a few days then the camera caught a box landing in the area and out popped a robot saying Happy Birthday! The robot must have known that 2 of our children were celebrating their birthdays. Reception want to leave the camera on every night so hopefully we will have more visitors.

Take a look at the slideshow of our children enjoying playing in the Space Area. We put 2 microphones in the area so they can record themselves being Astonauts. We recorded some fantastic conversations as you can imagine.


Reception in their Space Role Play.wmv

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