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Foundation 1

Foundation 1 [Nursery]

Welcome to the Foundation 1 Nursery Class Page.

Welcome to our new Nursery Children!
They have settled in so well , making friends and joining in with all the fun, learning and play we have every day.
We are very proud of them !
Please visit the school website often to see regular updates of your child’s learning journey with us.
Mrs Barnes & Team

Nursery Graduation
Well the time has come for our Nursery children to graduate from Nursery up to Reception. We held a ceremony in class celebrating our children who are moving up. The children all wore the CCA Cap & Gown and were presented with their scrolls. Then we played a few party games and were all treated to an ice-cream.
Please click on the slideshow to view our children wearing their cap and gown.
We will miss all our Nursery children who are moving up very much. We have enjoyed having you in our unit and wish you all Good Luck and always try your best.
Thank you to all our parents for your support throughout the year.
Thank You and Goodbye xxx


Thursday 26th June, Nursery set off by bus to Bury Museum. We were met by Sarah who was our guide for the day.
First we went round the ground floor, looking at all different vehicles from the past. Then over the road we went onto the platform to board the steam train to Rawtenstall. We all loved the train ride and ate our sandwiches on the return journey. Miss Doughty was lucky enough to go on the footplate and take some photographs of the engine too.
Back to Bury and we went back to the museum for some more fun and a craft activity.
A great day was had by all children and staff.

Environment Day 2014

We held our annual Environment Day on the 5th June 2014. The rain held off for us and the whole school worked hard weeding, digging and planting all of the school's grounds and gardens. Well done everyone! The school looks great !

Nursery Rhymes
Nursery have had some great fun practising Nursery rhymes in their phonics sessions during the past couple of weeks. They have loved taking part in all the fun activities, preparing them for rhyming and poetry skills during Key Stage 1.
Please encourage your child to practise nursery rhymes at home and join in with the actions.
Take a look at our Nursery Children singing some Nursery Rhymes for you!

Fundraising for Alder Hey!

Four-year-old Molly Denney was given a boost by school friends as she faces complex leg surgery. All children from our school took part in a Disney Day to raise funds for Alder Hey Children’s Hospital where Molly will be having her operation.
Please click on the slideshow to see Morning Nursery children dressed as Disney Characters.

Police Visit Our Foundation Unit

We have been talking about people who help us and especially our ‘Emergency Services’.
Our Foundation Unit had a visit from some very important people, ‘The Police’. We were very lucky to have Sam’s Daddy who is a Policeman to come and talk to us and bring a Police Van with other Police Officers.
The Policemen told us all about their job and what they do to help us. We wore the Policemen’s helmets, held the walkie-talkie, handcuffs and truncheon.
Miss Wharmby was dressed as the Police Officer and Mrs Harrison was the robber. Miss Wharmby chased Mrs Harrison around the classroom and then when Miss Wharmby caught Mrs Harrison the handcuffs were put on! Our children laughed so much at this!
Then we went out to see the Police Van. Our children sat in the drivers seat, turned on the blue flashing lights and turned the police sirens on too. Then in the back of the van our children sat where the police put the prisoners when they have been naughty.
What a fantastic experience for our children!

We would like to thank the following officers for coming to visit us. The children loved your visit!
PC Martin Hopkinson (Ashton)
PC Phillip Flanagan (Radcliffe)
PC John Mcphee (Whitefield)
PCSO Mike Mason (Radcliffe)
PCSO Andrew Crookes (Radcliffe)

Toast for Snack

Please click on the slide shows to see our Nursery Children enjoying toast as their snack!

Welcome To Our ‘Snack Shack’


We decided to introduce a ‘rolling snack’ into our Foundation Unit at the beginning of the year as we know children may be hungry, thirsty at different times. Therefore we decided on the Snack Shack!
The Snack Shack allows our children to have the choice of when they want to eat and drink, whom they would like to sit with, activities need not be stopped and our children can continue their play undisturbed therefore snack time becomes an integrated activity within the session. Also research shows that eating patterns developed in early childhood tend to be carried into adulthood. If children are introduced to fruit and vegetables at a young age it is more likely they will enjoy them and eat them more frequently


The Learning Outcomes your children will achieve through the Snack Shack are...


Communication, language and literacy
Language for thinking: We have conversations about food and drink preferences, where food and drink comes from etc.
Literacy skills: We display healthy eating posters and photographs of children at snack time, Our children are reading their names on their name cards and bringing them to the Snack Shack to show they are in the shack.
Lovely interaction between the children and us, the team!
Problem solving, reasoning and numeracy
Counting, calculating and problem solving: we ask questions like, how many children are at the table, how many plates and cups do we need, what if another child joins in or leaves – how many children are left, how to make more spaces available etc.
Personal, social and emotional development
Turn taking and making relationships: waiting for a space at the table, we have a dish and put in the middle of the table and the children can take it in turns to choose what they would like.
Behaviour and self control: learning about appropriate behaviour at the snack table, sharing and knowing how much food or drink to take
Knowledge and understanding of the world
Exploration and investigation: through cooking and preparing snacks and drinks, looking at changing properties, also through growing fruit and vegetables
Physical development
Fine motor skills: peeling skin off, slicing and cutting fruit, using cutlery, spreading jam etc
Gross motor skills: pouring from jugs, preparing snack area
Health and bodily awareness: learning about the benefits of eating a balanced and nutritious diet and its role in healthy growth and development of our bodies.
Creative development
Exploring media and materials: experiencing a range of tastes and textures of food and drink e.g. We tasted Chinese Food for Chinese New Year as our snack.


Our children love coming to the ‘Snack Shack’. We open at 9.30am -11.15am and 1.00pm -2.45pm. The children queue up to help us set up the snack shack every day and by preparing their own snack, washing their hands, getting their own cup and plate, cleaning up after themselves our children are becoming increasingly independent as well as helping each other and taking turns, especially when new to the group, our children are learning and improving their social skills.


We feel it is very important to make snack time an enjoyable and positive experience!


Ambulance Visits Our Foundation Unit

Our topic this term is ‘People Who Help Us’.
We were lucky enough to have Mr Simon Yates, a paramedic who brought his ambulance to school and showed us lots of special equipment and told us all about his job, and the importance of the emergency services and that special number 999.
Thank you Simon, our Nursery children loved your visit!

Shrove Tuesday (Pancake Day)

In Nursery we celebrated ‘pancake day’ by of course, ‘eating pancakes’
Sugar, Lemon, Golden Syrup and pancakes at the ready.
Please click on the slideshows to view our children enjoying the pancakes for their snack!

World Book Day
The whole school took part in ‘World Book Day’. World Book Day is a day to celebrate books, reading, authors and illustrators.


Our children came to school dressed as their favourite characters from a book/comic etc.
A competition was held for all the Infants. We had a colouring competition and a prize for the best dressed character from each year group.
Please click on the slideshows to see how fantastic our children looked , dressed as their character from their favourite book/comic.

Our Hall Display
We made some beautiful flowers to decorate our display board in the school hall. As the theme is spring time we had lots of discussions how during this season, flowers bloom and plants grow.


Some animals migrate, while others come out of hibernation. Many animals have their young in spring, lambs, chicks etc. We have discussed how the weather can be warm and sunny, but spring is also a time for rain
Our display looks fantastic in the hall.
Please click on the slideshow to see us making the flowers.

Valentines Day

Our Nursery children made beautiful Valentines Day cards to take home to their loved ones.
Please click on the slideshows to see us in action making the cards.
We hope you liked them!

Our Nursery Children at Lunchtime!

We thought you might like to see our nursery children enjoying their lunch.
Please click on the slideshow to view!

Derek and his Guide Dog Greg!
Our Foundation Unit welcomed Derek and his guide dog Greg into our classrooms. Derek explained to our children how Greg is a working dog and gave examples of how Greg guides Derek in everyday life, such as crossing the road or climbing up steps.
The children loved every minute of Derek’s visit and were thrilled as they all got to pat and stroke Greg who was so well behaved.
Thank you Derek and Greg for coming to visit us and thank you to Louis and his Mummy for asking and bringing Derek and Greg to our school.

Vet Visit!
Our Nursery Afternoon children had some special visitors visit our Foundation Unit. Lauren (the Vet), Ella (Vet Nurse) and Fraser from T.A. Irving Veterinary Surgery in Whitefield came to talk to our children about the job they do and how to look after our pets.


Fraser the dog then took over and allowed our children to listen to his heart beating through a stethoscope, looked inside his ears and then practised putting bandages on his legs and paws. Fraser stood patiently while all the children had a turn. He was so well behaved!
Our children were thrilled with the visit as you can imagine.
A massive ‘Thank You’ to Lauren, Emma and the STAR of the visit ‘Fraser’ from all our children and staff in the Foundation Unit.

Chinese New Year (Year of the Horse)

Our children have been learning all about Chinese culture, food, dress and even some Chinese language.

We have made lucky envelopes, created lanterns , Chinese writing and made music to accompany a dragon dance. We also have made the Great Wall of China with our building blocks.

Phew! We have been very busy in the Foundation Unit this term.
Please click on the slideshows to view our children enjoying all the fun activities and learning we had during this celebration.

We hope you enjoy them!

Hot Chocolate
Nursery children are learning how to follow instructions. They had to follow the instructions on how to make a hot chocolate. Please click on the slideshows to see our children making and enjoying the hot chocolate they had made.
Mrs Cornford & Mrs Barnes

Father Christmas Visits Our Nursery Children

Our Nursery Children were so excited to meet and receive a gift off the man himself ‘Father Christmas’.
Please take a look at the shows of our children meeting him!

Nursery Christmas Dinner

Friday 13th Dec was our School Christmas Dinner Day.
Christmas carols playing, crackers being pulled and a delicious Christmas dinner was consumed today. Packed lunches were also brimming with Christmas treats too. All the children wore their Christmas Hats.

Sleepy Shepherd Dress Rehearsal

Please take a look at Reception & Nursery Morning Children during their Dress Rehearsal for the Sleepy Shepherd.

Children In Need 2013

Please take a look at the shows of our Nursery Children dressed in fantastic costumes for Children In Need.
Thank you for all your donations.

Mrs Barnes & Miss Cornford

Nursery have had a fantastic time this week learning about the Hindu festival Diwali. They have made their own clay ‘diva lamps’ to light the way home for Prince Rama and Princess Sita.


The children have made some beautiful Mehndi patterns on their hands and learned some lovely new rhymes and songs.

Please take a look at the shows.

Mrs Cornford & Mrs Barnes

Nursery Children are little chefs!
After a little discussion with our Morning children about how to be a good friend to others ,and how its nice to do things for our friends we decided to make chocolate crispy cakes for the Afternoon nursery children and all our friends in Reception Class. Off we went to the staff room...


...where we broke the chocolate into little pieces and watched it melt as we heated it. We then added the rice krispies, gave it a good stir to make sure the rice krispies were covered in chocolate and then finally spooned the mixture into bun cases.
Please click on the slideshow to see our Morning children making the cakes for everyone and the best part everyone eating them.

Pumpkin Biscuits
For snack time, Miss Wharmby showed the children how to make their very own pumpkin biscuit. Digestives, orange icing and raisins at the ready and off went the children to make their own.
Please click on the slideshow to see the children’s pumpkin biscuits. We had to be quick taking the photographs as the biscuits were soon eaten!

Nursery Children Autumn Walk

The nursery went on an Autumn Walk. We learned about evergreen trees and how berries are only for birds. We searched for the signs of Autumn and collected lots of different coloured leaves which we brought back into nursery.

Our nursery children have settled in beautifully and are getting used to school routines.
We know you all must be wondering what your child is doing throughout the day so please click on the slideshows for a look at just some of the fun activities indoors and outdoors. As you will see we have very happy and settled children.

Also please click on the Asda slideshows as we ask our children what they would like for their snacks, Mrs Barnes writes this down, then using the whiteboard we log on to Asda and order the food for the following day.
The children are so excited when the Asda van comes and they help bring the shopping into the classroom.

Well done Nursery!
Mrs Barnes, Mrs Cornford & Early Years team.