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Year 3

Welcome to Year 3

Spring and Summer Term 2014

After misplacing the camera with all the photos of Year 3’s Spring & Summer work on it we have found it! Yipeee!! Panic over!!!
Please take a look at all the fantastic fun and learning Year 3 have done including Egyptians, Rocks & Soil, Numeracy, Duckling visit and lots more.
It has been a pleasure teaching Year 3 this year and I wish them the very best for Year 4.
Miss Duckworth

Trapped in a Snow Globe!
Year 3 used Trapped in a Snow Globe for their story writing and Year 3 each made a snow globe with themselves inside it which were proudly displayed in the hall for everyone to see.
Good Job Year 3!
Take a look at the show to see Year 2 posing for their snow globe pic!
Magnetic Games!
Year 3 after learning all about magnets etc decided to make their very own magnet games for Year 1 pupils to play and enjoy!
You all worked so hard Year 3 and Year 1 loved the games you had made! Well Done!
Please click on the show to see Year 3 making their magnetic games.
Harry won a competition!
Harry from Year 3 won a competition. The prize being pizza delivered to himself and all his classmates at school!
Well done Harry and thanks we all loved the pizza!
Pizza Fractions
Year 3 loved this lesson! Using garlic bread and pizza year 3 learned all about fractions by cutting the pizza and garlic bread. The best part was getting to eat the pizza and garlic bread at the end of the lesson!
Please click on the slideshow to view!
Year 3 used catapults to fire their objects and then measured the distance of each objects.
Take a look at the slideshow to see us using our catapults!
Carroll Diagrams in PE
Take a look at Year 3 learning how to use a Carroll Diagram in our PE lesson!

Goodbye Jamal!
Year 3 said goodbye to Jamal! Please click on the slideshow to see Jamal and all his classmates.
Keep in touch Jamal! We will all miss you!
Miss Duckworth

Shapes in Year 3

In Year 3 we have been learning all about shapes. We have made our own shapes using different materials. Please click on the slideshows to see us making our shapes.
Year 3 enjoyed these lessons immensely!

Our Trip With Year 4 To The Cinema & Pizza Express!

Please take a look at the slideshows of our trip to the cinema and also making and eating our very own pizza!

Raindrop Experiment!

Miss Duckworth discussed with Year 3 how it rains and what causes rain to form. Please take a look at the slideshow showing Year 3 making rain in a cup!

Wacky Glasses!

Year 3 designed and created 'wacky’ glasses.
Elton John has some competition from Yr3!
Please take a look at the slideshows of our 'Wacky Glasses'

Time for Technology

Using the iPads, Year 3 wrote their chapter stories using the book creator app.
Please click on the slide show to see us hard at work!

The Body

We have been learning all about the body.
We have learnt about Lung Capacity, Cell roles in PE, Compared Adults & Children’s blood amounts and Made Organs of the Body using PE equipment.
Please click on the slideshows to view our activities about the body.

Christmas 2013
We were very busy at Christmas time, especially practising our Christmas Play. Please click on the slide shows to see our stars in Year 3 ready for their first performance and also our photos of Year 3 wearing Santa suits. Don’t they all look lovely!