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Green Class

Welcome to Green Class.


Please click on the slideshow of our class in training for the Olympics.
Well Done Everyone!

Smithills Farm & Smithills Hall

Year 1 and Year 2 went on their school trip to Smithills Farm and Smithills Hall. The sun shone down us as we fed and held the animals, had a ride on a tractor and had rides on the donkeys. Then we went to visit Smithills Hall where we dressed as Victorian House Servants. We then set to work like the servants would have to, washing, ironing, rug beating etc. The children agreed it was hard work but really enjoyed the roles.

A great day was had by all our children and staff.
Please take a look at the Year 2 slideshows of the day...


Diamond Jubilee

Take a look at our children enjoying the Diamond Jubilee Party.


 Diamond Jubilee Celebrations

On Friday 1st June we held our Diamond Jubilee Party. All children came dressed as either Royalty or a guest. Please a look at the shows of a fantastic day and fantastic outfits.

Environment Day 24th May 2012

We held our annual Environment Day on the 24th May 2012. The sun shone for us and the whole school worked hard weeding, digging and planting all of the schools grounds and gardens. Well done everyone! The school looks great !
Please take a look at the slideshows of the pupils and staff hard at work! We hope you enjoy them!


 Our Dance!

Our children's parents etc were invited into school to watch the children perform their dance.
The children were fantastic and put on a great performance.
Please click on the show to watch.

Infant Play!

We thought it would be nice to show you a snippet of our Infant Children at playtime.

Please click on the show to view

 Playtime Fun!

Children from Green Class independently took the opportunity to create an orchestra using the wood blocks and plastic tubs. They had a jingling good time!

Miss Hardman, Miss Chadwick & Miss Wharmby.

Please click on the show to view.

Fairy Tales

Green Class have been learning about Fairy Tales in our literacy lessons.
Please click on the shows to see Green Class performing for you a few of the stories we have read.

Green Class Dance

Green Class have been taking dance lessons in PE for the past few weeks.
Please click on the dance show to see Red Class performing their dance for you.


Talent Show 2012


Green class has talent!

The school council organised a talent contest in which the whole school could participate.
Please click on the shows to see what talent is in our class.

Please click on the slideshow... Green Class has a message for you!


Fraction Man!

Please take a look at Green Class performing Fraction Man! Click below...

Great Fire of London

Green class' history topic is the Great Fire of London. We have made a fantastic re-creation of 1666:

Green Class have settled in fantastically well and have been busy making superb classroom displays: