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Year 1

Welcome to Year 1


To celebrate the end of the World Cup, Year 1 & 2 held a World Cup party! Colourful clothes, games, dancing and party food were enjoyed by both classes.
Please take a look at Year 1 & 2 performing the Macarena for you!
Mrs Connelly and Miss Kennedy

Fundraising for Alder Hey!

Four-year-old Molly Denney was given a boost by school friends as she faces complex leg surgery. All children from our school took part in a Disney Day to raise funds for Alder Hey Children’s Hospital where Molly will be having her operation.
Please click on the slideshow to see Year 1 dressed as Disney Characters.

Florence Visits Year One!

Year 1’s topic this term is VETS. After discussing what animals may visit a vet we asked Mrs Hicks if she would bring her dog Florence to visit us.


Mrs Hicks explained to Year One how herself and Mr Hicks look after Florence e.g. what Florence eats, walks, playtimes, vet visits, etc. We are using the information Mrs Hicks told us in our literacy lessons as we are writing about the facts Mrs Hicks gave us.
Our children loved having Florence in the classroom. Florence was such a good girl and really enjoyed her little self as well as all our Year 1 children.
Thank You Mrs Hicks for bringing Florence to see us. Please bring her back soon!
Please click on the slide show to see Florence visiting our children!

World Book Day
The whole school took part in ‘World Book Day’.
World Book Day is a day to celebrate books, reading, authors and illustrators.
Our children came to school dressed as their favourite characters from a book/comic etc.
A competition was held for all the Infants. We had a colouring competition and a prize for the best dressed character from each year group.
Please click on the slideshows to see how fantastic our children looked , dressed as their character from their favourite book/comic.

St David’s Day

Year 1 celebrated St David’s Day with lots of different activities, including making daffodils.


We have been weighing lots of things in our numeracy lessons, and finding out which is heaviest and lightest.
We estimate first and record our information, then we set about weighing.

Our topic ‘Toys’

The children were asked to bring in a favourite toy from home. We compared our toys to toys from the past, which included what materials they were made from, e.g. Plastic, wood, china and glass.
Isabella brought in a teddy bear that belonged to her daddy when he was a little boy.

‘Dominic Down Under’

Sadly at the end of last term we said goodbye to Dominic, who has emigrated to Perth in Australia.
We wish him and his family good luck and look forward to hearing from him soon.

Year 1 have been learning the days of the week and months of the year in Numeracy.
Please take a look at them singing their fabulous months of the year song!.

New Term
This term our topic is ‘Light and Dark’. We will be making a cave and reading and writing stories to the bears.
We will also be learning to retell the story ‘Where The Wild Things Are’.
Mrs Connelly & Miss Kennedy

Pirate Topic!
The topic for Year 1 last half term was Pirates.
Please take a look at all the learning and fun we had from singing sea shanties to drinking rum! (non-alcoholic of course!). We had a fantastic Pirate Party to end the topic.
A big ‘Thank You’ to Christine for the tap biscuits, Mrs Hammond for the fantastic cake, Mrs Ford for all her help and all the parents/guardians for helping the children make some fantastic Pirate Items & costumes.
Pirate Role Play
The topic for Year 1 is Pirates. Please take a look at the show of our Year 1 children enjoying the Pirate role play area.