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Church Visit

As nursery don't take part in the Christmas service tomorrow, we felt that it was important to take the children to meet Reverend Dave and visit church. The children were very excited and well behaved. They listened to Reverend Dave read a Christmas story and then together we all sang 'Away in a manager'. Reverend Dave told the children about the stable and asked them to look at the back of church for the Three Wise Men, as they hadn't arrived at the stable yet!
Mrs White (Gwen) and her husband Bill, told us a story about a naughty squirrel who bit a whole through the church roof! Then we able to have a little tour of the church. This was a lovely experience for the children, who chatted happily to Reverend Dave and we're all on their best behaviour. Well done to all the early years children, we were so proud of you all πŸ˜€πŸ’’