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This Week's Behaviour Awards Winners:

Gold: Ben Stevens

Silver: Annabelle Goodman

Bronze: Johnny Morris


Reception Role Model Winner:

Lily Waller McSweeney



Well done to ALL this week's winners!

Watch Out Strictly!

We have noticed that our Reception children are natural performers. From wanting to sing a song in front of all their teachers and friends to dancing with their friends whenever we play music in the classroom. Miss Doughty told the children how herself and Mrs Hicks (Year 2 teacher) are avid Strictly Come Dancing fans and love to see beautiful dancing. Some children said that they watched it and liked it too. An hour later Miss Doughty played some music into the classroom and the following happened. Miss Doughty grabbed her video camera and filmed the following video. Please take a look at our children naturally performing.

You saw it here first folks! The stage awaits for Reception Class! Even Nursery children who were playing in our classroom joined in.



Still image for this video

Reception Autumn Walk
On the 19th October 2015 Reception children went on their Autumn Walk . Wellingtons were the order of the day even though the sun was shining. We all sang We're Going On A Bear Hunt as we strolled down to George's Wood, where we looked for the signs of autumn. The children collected leaves and twigs to bring back to school. We saw berries on bushes and the leaves that were all different colours on the trees. Two WOW moments were given on the walk, as Ethan told us we might see birds migrating and he could tell us what migrating means and Grace told us that when  the leaves fall off trees they are called deciduous trees. What a clever class Reception are! We even saw some chickens and horses as we ambled our way back to school. 
Please click on the slideshow to join us on our Autumn Walk.


Autumn Walk.wmv

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Chill in the air! Only one thing for it, Hot Buttered Crumpets for snack! Miss Doughty couldn't toast them quick enough for Reception!

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First Attempt at Writing!
We showed the children a picture of a scarecrow and asked them to tell us a sentence about the scarecrow. We then encouraged them to write their sentence under the scarecrow picture. 
They all tried so hard to write their sentence using their phonics skills! 

Their writing is proudly displayed in our classroom for all to see.
Well Done Reception!
We have a Reception Class full of STAR WRITERS!
Please look at the slideshow at our Reception children’s 1st attempt at writing.

Scarecrow Writing.wmv

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Harvest Song

Please take a look at our Reception children singing their Harvest song which they also performed in our Harvest Assembly.

Thank you to all who donated goods for the harvest.


Harvest Song.wmv

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Kye Kye Kule

Kye Kye Kule is a traditional folk song from Ghana, West Africa. Whilst there is no exact translation it is used as a playtime rhyme with similar actions to 'Heads, shoulders, knees and toes.' Many children all over the world now learn and sing this song.

Please take at look at Reception performing this folk song for you.

Kye Kye Kule.wmv

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Reception's Finger Gym!

Please take a look at Reception practising their fine motor skills in our finger gym session. Our children are in groups and every day each group will participate in a different finger gym activity. The sessions last a few minutes and every child gets to practise their fine motor skills which are very important for holding a pencil, writing, colouring, scissor control, puzzles, lego , using a knife and fork, fastening and unfastening buttons, zips etc. Reception love it when we say 'Its Finger Gym time'. The music is turned up full, the children get into their groups, go to an activity and away we go!

Your fine motor skills are progressing so well Reception! Well Done! We are very proud of you!

Miss Ball, Miss Doughty & Mrs Trayford.

Finger Gym.wmv

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Autumn has arrived in Reception! We have discussed the season Autimn and asked our children to look for the signs of Autumn. They know that leaves on trees change colour before they fall to the ground. We have conkers in the classroom in their prickly cases which they can look at and feel,and have learned about hedgehogs so far. Two WOW moments have been given during last week. One for Lily for telling us that hedgehogs are nocturnal and one for Ivy for knowing what compost is. Well done!

We have made Autumn Trees for our classroom window. Please click on the slideshows to see Reception making their trees and also their finished trees. They look wonderful in our window. Our Reception children are a very arty bunch!


Finished Autumn Trees.wmv

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Making Autumn Trees.wmv

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Our Skeletons
Please click on the slideshows of our Reception Children making their very own skeletons and their finished skeleton. Lots of mathematical language was used by the children e.g., long, short, what length and even the word measure was heard etc as they did the activity as well as using their fine motor skills eg cutting, spreading glue and sticking on the art straws.,and remembering where our bones are and feeling our bones in our body. 

This has always been a very popular activity and this year's Reception class were no exception. They were all so eager to make their very own skeleton we had to keep going until they were all finished! Phew!

 They have made fantastic skeletons which are proudly on display in our classroom.

Well Done Reception! We are very proud of you!

Finished Skeletons.wmv

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Making Skeletons.wmv

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Our Body
Our topic this term is ‘Our Body’. Miss Ball drew around one of our children on paper and then we asked our children to name the parts of the body. We were thrilled with the many parts of the body that our children could name. We even had a WOW moment from Maia, who named veins, and when asked what do veins do in our body she said "carry blood". WOW!

We asked our children if they had any books at home about the body that they would like to bring in and show us. Thank you to all the children who brought in their books.

Please take a look at the pictures of our children and Miss Ball naming the parts of the body.

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