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Visitors from the North Pole

Our Special Visitors

We cannot believe whats happening in Reception Class at the moment. Have your children told you about our visitors?

Here's the story so far...

Miss Doughty left her video camera in Reception Class one night. She forgot to turn it off so it was recording all night. In the morning she noticed that the video camera had recorded something. We turned on the whiteboard, plugged the camera in and watched. We couldn't believe our eyes! Two elves were outside our classroom window looking in. 

We all decided that Miss Doughty should leave her camera on again in case they came back, so the next night the camera was left recording and can you believe this!, another elf was at our window looking in. He got too close though and banged his head on the window which made us all laugh.

 Oliver and Abigail wrote them a letter and left them on the writing table. The next morning the letters had gone and in their place were some very special elf writing sheets and a message from the elves.

Well all our Reception Class couldn't wait to write letters to the elves. Once everyone was happy with their letter , Mrs Harrison and Mrs Trayford put the letters on the writing table and when all the children had gone home, they left a window slightly open so the elves could come in. The video camera was left on and it captured the three elves abseiling down onto our writing table to collect the letters. Reception Class were amazed watching them!

We cannot show you the captured video of the elves as only children ( and teachers) have the magic power to see them I'm afraid but please take a look at the slideshow of our children writing to the elves.

Please keep visiting our page as we will be keeping you updated on the elves whereabouts.




Elf Writing.wmv

Still image for this video