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Healthy smiles

Dear parents, 
Continuing with our healthy theme, tomorrow we are going to be looking at how to brush our teeth properly 🦷 πŸͺ₯ . 
It would be wonderful if you could upload a photo or even a video of your child brushing their teeth (with or without support) onto Tapestry, so that we can show all of their friends. 
Thank you as always for your support πŸ‘

Welcome to the dentist’s  surgery 😍.

In the surgery today we had ourtwo lovely dentists and a busy waiting room full of patients. There were lots of teeth to be checked, dolls teeth to be checked and stickers to be given to brave patients. Our dentists checked teeth, checked appointments on the laptop and instructed their patients in how to best look after their teeth πŸ€—.

Whilst choosing in the areas the children were challenged to brush off the plaque from laminated teeth cards and had some small model teeth to check.

What a great day to smile πŸ˜ƒ