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Rangoli patterns 🌟

On Monday Mrs Connelly, Mrs Haslam and the children all worked hard using their dusters and dish cloths to clean the home corner in preparation for our Diwali celebration. Today the children learnt all about Rangoli patterns and how Hindus create them using coloured sand or rice to leave outside their front doors.  Hindus’ believe that the beautiful patterns welcome the Diwali spirit into their homes before the family celebrations begin. The children enjoyed choosing which colour sand they would like to use and practised pinching it between their fingers whilst carefully following the curvy and straight lines on the Rangoli pattern, developing fine motor control. We talked about the different shapes we could see and then we decided to develop our pattern using spirals of pasta. Mrs Haslam discussed the different textures of the resources that the children were using and she was pleased that the children knew the pasta was hard because it had not been cooked. The children all worked so hard and the patterns looked beautiful . Then we decided to create much larger Rangoli patterns on our playground to develop gross motor skills. The children carefully arranged some hoops and made curvy lines using skipping ropes to create a lovely pattern. Some of our children used rainbow coloured chalk to draw big circles and 2d shapes on the ground, developing early writing and mathematical skills. We had a lovely morning in nursery πŸ˜€