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Worship Wednesday πŸ™

Wednesday Worship πŸ™β€οΈ

Every Wednesday afternoon the early years children come together to learn all about prayer and worship. 

Today we introduced the children to our 4 jelly baby prayer friends : Peter Praise, Thea Thanks, Andy Asks and Suzy Sorry. 
We explained that we can pray in different ways, and gave examples of this using our prayer friends. 

Then we sang the hymn ‘If I were a butterfly’ πŸ¦‹and we were thankful in the hymn, just like ‘Thea Thanks’ 😊. 

We looked at the videos and photos that parents had sent in of their child making their bed, as part of their Lenten Promise - thank you for adding these to Tapestry πŸ₯°. A huge well done to Elijah, Niamh, Bella, Beth and Elsie πŸ‘. 

Finally we put our hands together and closed our eyes, as we prayed just like ‘Andy Asks’ and asked God to keep us safe this night πŸ™. 

What a wonderful Worship Wednesday ❀️

Please send in videos/ photos of your child making their bed as part of their Lenten Promise and we will share these in our next Wednesday Worship session 🀩.