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Year 6

Welcome to Year 6.

Farewell Year 6 2011/2012

On Friday 20th July Year 6 we said farewell to our Year 6 pupils.

Please click on the shows to see Year 6 in their final assembly.






Think Forensic

Think Forensic visited our school on Tuesday 12th June. Year 5 & 6 learnt how to be a forensic scientist. They collected evidence from a crime scene. They took finger & tyre prints, analysed rock, soil and handwriting samples. We looked at different fibres under a microscope. We all dressed in special suits so we couldn't contaminate the scene. We learnt so much in one day so watch out criminals in Ainsworth!
Please take a look at our 'Forensic Day'.


Diamond Jubilee

Take a look at our children enjoying the Diamond Jubilee Party.

Diamond Jubilee Celebrations

On Friday 1st June we held our Diamond Jubilee Party. All children came dressed as either Royalty or a guest. Please a look at the shows of a fantastic day and fantastic outfits.


Environment Day 24th May 2012

We held our annual Environment Day on the 24th May 2012. The sun shone for us and the whole school worked hard weeding, digging and planting all of the schools grounds and gardens. Well done everyone! The school looks great !
Please take a look at the slideshows of the pupils and staff hard at work! We hope you enjoy them!

The Swinging Sixties

Year 6 worked incredibly hard to rehearse and perform ' a play in a day ' to the rest of the school. 'The Swinging Sixties' was a play based on the events in the 60's. From Coronation Street to The Beatles to the first man on the moon. Year 6 and the whole school thoroughly enjoyed this well written play.


A big 'Thank You' to Jeff from Stage Centre who came into school to direct the play. We hope to see him again next year!
We hope you enjoy watching our videos - click below to watch the different scenes...
Well Done Year 6
Mrs McGadie


The Pied Piper

This term Year 6 have been studying the Pied Piper in their literacy lessons. In groups, Year 6 have created Rat Catcher Adverts as podcasts using Podium on the school computers.
Year 6 worked extremely hard and thoroughly enjoyed this topic.

Click on the tracks below to hear their fantastic podcasts.
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It sometimes takes a while for them to download - please be patient!


Alex, Ellie, Georgia R & Lauren

Amelia, Katie, Morgan & Hannah

Caitlin, Rebecca, Lucy & Yolanda

Emily, Jonathon, Jack & Millie

Ethan, Chris, Kian & Kai

Georgia M, Rhys, Dominic & Saskia

Lauren J, Thomas, Casey & Haider

Lewis, James, Daniel & Baely

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Talent Show 2012

Year 6 has talent!
The school council organised a talent contest in which the whole school could participate. Please click on the shows to see what talent is in our class.

Please click on the slideshow... Year 6 has a message for you!

Six Year 6 Children have been to St Michael’s C of E Primary School to join their celebration of Eid-ul-Adha ('festival of Sacrifice'), also known as the Greater Eid. This is the second most important festival in the Muslim calendar.
The festival remembers the prophet Ibrahim's willingness to sacrifice his son when God ordered him to.

Click on the slideshow to view our visit to St Michael's.

Year 6 have been hard at work creating their Autobiography and writing Autumn poems which are displayed in the infant library.