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Bury Fire Station Visit

Bury Fire Station Visit

Elexis's Daddy' Phil' is a Firefighter with 'Green Watch' at Bury Fire Station and he very kindly said Reception could visit the station, so on Wednesday 11th May Reception children boarded a coach for our visit to Bury Fire Station.

We arrived at the station but unfortunately 'Green Watch' had been called out so Firefighter Hartley from Red Watch kindly stepped in and took us on a tour around the station. Reception learned all about a firefighters job, had a look at a fire engine and looked in all its different compartments and then they rolled out a hose that was the length of the fire station. As the hose was about to be put away 'Elexis's Daddy and Green Watch arrived back at the station.

We met  'Watch Manager' Wilcock, Firefighter Hadley, Firefighter Hough and Elexis's Dad Firefighter Wilcock who are all 'Green Watch'. They told us they had a few surprises for us. First we had to get in groups and then we were allowed to have a ride in the fire engine with the lights flashing and the sirens going. As you can imagine our children loved this as well as the staff!

Then we watched as Green Watch showed us how long their ladders are by putting them up against a building and a firefighter climbed up .

To finish off our visit, Reception had a go at using the fire hose. We were all given a sticker and a smoke alarm safety leaflet to take home.

We can't thank the team enough for going above and beyond and making our visit so much fun. Reception spent all afternoon talking about it.

A massive 'Thank You' to you all.

Mrs Harrison, Miss Doughty, Mrs Trayford, Mrs Comac and all Reception Class.