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Welcome to the Nursery.
Farewell Our Nursery Children!

Please click on the slideshow for a message to our nursery children who are leaving us ...

Mrs Harrison & Mrs Hardman.


A typical year in Nursery

Please take a look at the slideshow showing all the fun, play and learning we have over a year in Nursery

Nursery Trip to Farmer Ted's

Nursery Class went on their school trip to Farmer Ted's farm. The children met lots of different animals, went on a tractor ride and even watched a cow being milked.

A great day was had by all.

Please click on the slideshows of our day.


Olympic Torch!

Our school was honoured to have an Olympic Torch on the premises for our children to hold (minus the flame of course).
Please take a look at the children holding the Olympic Torch.

Diamond Jubilee Celebrations

On Friday 1st June we held our Diamond Jubilee Party. All children came dressed as either Royalty or a guest. Please a look at the shows of a fantastic day and fantastic outfits.

Diamond Jubilee Celebrations in Nursery!

A fantastic day was had by everyone celebrating the Queen's Diamond Jubilee. The children came dressed for the occasion ,a fashion parade, games and lots of fun was the order of the day.
Please take a look at the nursery children enjoying the day and looking superb in their outfits.

Environment Day 24th May 2012

We held our annual Environment Day on the 24th May 2012. The sun shone for us and the whole school worked hard weeding, digging and planting all of the schools grounds and gardens. Well done everyone! The school looks great !
Please take a look at the slideshows of the pupils and staff hard at work! We hope you enjoy them!


Shiver Me Timbers!

Our pirate topic has been a huge success. Our nursery children have been learning to identify coins, writing messages in bottles and drawing treasure maps. The children have also enjoyed learning about floating and sinking.
The nursery has been swamped with pirates for our pirate party to conclude their pirate topic.
Children in the nursery came dressed for the part as they played games, walked the plank and searched for hidden treasure.
Please take a look at the slideshows of our children during the pirate topic!
Well done shipmates!
Captain Harrison & Captain Hardman


Nursery Medley

Well, our nursery children have been very busy for the last couple of months, from celebrating Chinese New Year, to being hairdressers in the role play area and soon the nursery will be awash with PIRATES! Shiver me timbers and ahoy matey will be heard in the Nursery. The pirate theme slide show coming soon!
Please take a look at the slide show of our nursery children last term.

Morning Post and Afternoon Post

The Nursery Children walked up to the post office to post their letters to Santa!
Please click on the show to view our walk.


Christmas Dinner at CCA

Friday 16th Dec was our School Christmas Dinner Day.
Christmas carols playing, crackers being pulled and a delicious Christmas dinner was consumed today. Packed lunches were also brimming with Christmas treats too. All the children wore their Christmas Hats that they had made in class. Even Mr Gerrard helped the lunchtime staff with serving and clearing away the plates etc. (To be fair, though, he does help out most lunchtimes!)

Our Nursery, Blue and Yellow Class children performed 'Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer' at our Community Concert at school. Please click on the slideshow to view us.


Please click on the slideshow... Nursery children have a message for you!


Nursery Autumn Walk.

The nursery went on an Autumn Walk. We learnt about evergreen trees and how berries are only for birds. We also went to the local park and saw which tree conkers came from.
We collected lots of leaves and twigs for a display we will be hanging from our tree in Nursery.
Please click on the slideshows to see our children on their walks.


Winnie The Witch Day!

Our nursery children had lots of fun on our Winnie The Witch Day! Lots of games were played and Witches Spells were cast including one that turned the milk pink! Well done Nursery !

Mrs Harrison and Mrs Hardman

Please click to take a look at the Winnie The Witch Shows:


All our Nursery children have settled in beautifully. We thought it would be nice to show a snippet of the children on a typical day.

Please click below to take a look at the slideshows of our morning and afternoon children having fun!

We hope you enjoy the snippet of the sing-a-long performed by the Nursery Children. Please click below.
What little stars we have!