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Welcome to the Nursery.

Sports Day

Have a look at our sporting superstars having lots of fun at sports day.
Running, jumping, catching, throwing and balancing. Is there no end to our talents?

Ambulance Visit

We have been learning about people who help us and the importance of the emergency services and that special number 999.
We were luck enough to have Mr Simon Yates, a paramedic who brought his ambulance to school and showed us lots of special equipment and told us all about his job.
Thank you Simon, our nursery children were thrilled with your visit !
Mrs Harrison & Mrs Hardma

Nursery Trip to Farmer Ted's

Nursery Class went on their school trip to Farmer Ted's farm. The children met lots of different animals, went on a tractor ride and even watched a cow being milked.
A great day was had by all.

Please click on the slideshows of our day.

Pirate Poppets!!

Well we finished off our last terms ‘Pirate Theme’ with a ‘Pirate Party’ complete with a ‘Pirate Song & Dance’.
We did lots of things last term including looking at things that float and sink, looking at coins and making treasure maps.
We had a great time and learnt lots.
We hope you enjoy watching our party show, and our song and special dance for you.
We all tried really hard!

Mrs Harrison & Mrs Hardman.

Special thanks to Ashley for choreographing our dance!

Time for Technology

We were all really excited when we got our new ‘Interactive Whiteboard’ in Nursery.
We can do lots of things and have lots of great fun learning.
We also use I Pads in Nursery and had fun making up stories on a special app.
Please take a look at our Nursery Children embracing Technology!

Police Visit Our Nursery

Nursery had a visit from some very important people, ‘The Police’.
We have been talking about people who help us and especially our ‘Emergency Services’.
The police cars were all busy in the morning but we were lucky enough to have one visit us in the afternoon.
We learnt lots about the police and the different things they do.
The children thought it was so funny when Mrs Harrison was handcuffed!
Please take a look at the slideshows to view our Police Visits.

Chinese New Year of the Snake 2013

In Nursery the children have been celebrating Chinese New Year with some food tasting.
We decorated our Nursery Building with Chinese Lanterns and Dragons which the children had made.
We have challenged the children to use Chopsticks in our Number Area by counting string noodles onto numbered dragons feet.
In our Play dough area the children could make Chinese symbols or a Chinese Dragon.
Please click on the slideshow to see our children celebrating the Chinese New Year.
Mrs Harrison & Mrs Hardman

Whacky Hair Day

The role play area has been a hair dressers, where the children have enjoyed being customers, hairdressers and creating their own hairstyles. Take a look at our Nursery Children with their fantastic Whacky Hairstyles! A Whacky Way to end a busy half term.

WW2 Day

Our school held a WW2 day on 15th January 2013. The nursery children came dressed as evacuees and made their own gas masks. Please take a look at the slideshows.

Nursery Christmas Party!

Morning and Afternoon nursery children had their Christmas party in the last week before Christmas.

Lots of games were played, dancing and party food. It was lovely to see how excited all the children were especially when we had a visit from a very special person.
Please click on the slideshows to view our parties.


Posting Letters to Santa!

The Nursery Children walked up to the post office to post their letters to Santa!
Please click on the shows to view our walk.

Nursery Christmas Dinner at CCA
Friday 14th Dec was our School Christmas Dinner Day. Christmas carols playing, crackers being pulled and a delicious Christmas dinner was consumed today. Packed lunches were brimming with Christmas treats, too. All the children wore their Christmas Hats that they had made in class. Even Mr Gerrard helped the lunchtime staff with serving and clearing away the plates, etc. (To be fair, though, he does help out most lunchtimes!)
Please click on the slideshow to view our Nursery Children’s Christmas Dinner.
Nursery Displays

We thought it would be nice to show you our fantastic displays of the children’s work that we have in Nursery.
Please click on the slide show to view!

Winnie The Witch Day!

Our nursery children had lots of fun on our Winnie The Witch Day!
Lots of games were played and Witches Spells were cast! Well done Nursery!

Mrs Harrison and Mrs Hardman

Please click to take a look at the Winnie The Witch Shows

When I Grow Up I Want To Be...

We asked our Nursery Children what they would like to be when they grow up....
Please click on the slide show to see what great imaginations our children have!

Mrs Harrison & Mrs Hardman

Nursery Autumn Walk.

The nursery went on an Autumn Walk. We
learnt about evergreen trees and how berries are only for birds. We also went to the local park and saw which tree conkers came from.
We collected lots of leaves and twigs for a display we will be hanging from our tree in Nursery.

Please click on the slideshows to see our children on their walks.

All our Nursery children have settled in beautifully.
We thought it would be nice to show a snippet of the children on a typical day.

Please click below to take a look at the slideshows of our morning and afternoon children having fun!
Nursery Children Singing!

Please click on the shows to see our Nursery Children singing a song for you!

What little stars we have!