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Year 5

Welcome to Year 5.


Yr5& Yr6 school trip was to the theme park 'Camelot' this year. A great time was had by all the children and staff too!

Treasure Island

Year 5 and Year 6 have been working very hard rehearsing for their Treasure Island production. From the snippets the staff and pupils have seen and heard whilst rehearsals are ongoing, we know this is going to be a fantastic show! The whole school cannot wait to see the final production.
Please take a look at the rehearsal slideshow.



Bridgewater Hall

Today the children from Year 5 went by coach from Ainsworth to Manchester to a concert at the Bridgewater Hall. Many schools in Bury attended the concert organised by Bury Music Service. Many children in Bury are lucky to have whole class music lessons by the Bury Music Service where they can learn to play an instrument. Year 5 have a one hour guitar lesson every week. Other schools may learn the flute, the violin, a brass instrument or percussion. The lessons are free of charge for the children. The concert was fun. We played with a famous orchestra!
Well Done Yr5!
You all were GREAT!

A Lesson in Spanish!

Year 5 visited Red Class to give Red Class a lesson in Spanish.
Year 5 showed Red Class the colours in Spanish and performed mini plays all spoken in Spanish. Red Class were also treated to a Spanish game on the whiteboard and finally Year 5 had designed information booklets in Spanish which they translated to their buddies in Red Class.
Year 5 gave a superb presentation and Red Class were the perfect audience.
Well Done Everyone!
Year 5 are immersed in Victorian times during this half term, which culminates in a Victorian Day.
We study Victorian History using Primary and Secondary sources focusing on the lives of children.
We compare the lives of the rich and poor and use drama to interview children from that time.
We are studying 'Street Child' as a whole class text which tells the story of Jim as he enters the workhouse, then lives on the streets of London before being rescued by Dr Barnardo. The text lends itself to a variety of writing and drama activities exploring the feelings of the characters.
Enjoy Our Slideshow of Yr 5 Dressed as Victorian Children!