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Welcome to Red Class

Red Class Olympics

Just before Red Class broke up for the summer we held a mini Olympics for all the children to participate in. First the children used an atlas to find where the countries are in the world and also their capital cities. Red Class were so good at this and also recognizing which flags belong to which countries.
The children also had a Greek Banquet where they tasted Greek Food, no smashing of plates though, we used paper ones! The children sang the National Anthem and took part in an opening ceremony.
The games began and the children took part in all kinds of activities from running to javelin throwing.
We then held a Medal Presentation with the Queen herself and to finish we sang our Olympic Song.
Please take a look at all the slideshows of our Olympics 2012.

Writing Instructions

Red Class have been learning how to write and follow instructions. We have learnt how to make toast and sandwiches.
We have also written and followed our own instructions for making a cordial drink.
Please take a look at the slideshows.

Local Area Walk

Red Class went on a local area walk in our village. Please take a look at the slideshow to see what we saw on our walk.



Please click on the slideshow of our class in training for the Olympics.
Well Done Everyone!

Traditional Tales

Red Class have been immersed in Fairytale Stories. We have listened, read and acted out all the different stories. Then we chose our favourite Fairytale and chose ourselves which group we wanted to be in. We were given a cardboard box to make a puppet theatre and in our groups we planned, designed and brought in items to make the box look like our Fairytale story. After that we made our puppets depending on the characters we were playing. In our our groups we planned and wrote out a short play script. We practiced these and added a musical instrument. We then performed our puppet shows in front of different classes. We worked really hard and had lots of fun making and performing the puppet shows. The other classes loved watching them . We hope you do too!

Red Class girls also asked us to film them performing their version of Little Red Riding Hood which they had created during playtimes. We think its fantastic and hope you do too! Well done girls!

Smithills Farm & Smithills Hall

Year 1 and Year 2 went on their school trip to Smithills Farm and Smithills Hall. The sun shone down us as we fed and held the animals, had a ride on a tractor and had rides on the donkeys. Then we went to visit Smithills Hall where we dressed as Victorian House Servants. We then set to work like the servants would have to, washing, ironing, rug beating etc. The children agreed it was hard work but really enjoyed the roles.

A great day was had by all our children and staff.
Please take a look at the Year 1 and 2 slideshows of the day...


Olympic Torch!

Our school was honoured to have an Olympic Torch on the premises for our children to hold (minus the flame of course).
Please take a look at the children holding the Olympic Torch.


Diamond Jubilee

Take a look at our children enjoying the Diamond Jubilee Party.

Diamond Jubilee Celebrations

On Friday 1st June we held our Diamond Jubilee Party. All children came dressed as either Royalty or a guest. Please a look at the shows of a fantastic day and fantastic outfits.


Environment Day 24th May 2012

We held our annual Environment Day on the 24th May 2012. The sun shone for us and the whole school worked hard weeding, digging and planting all of the schools grounds and gardens. Well done everyone! The school looks great !
Please take a look at the slideshows of the pupils and staff hard at work! We hope you enjoy them!

Our Dance!

Our children's parents etc were invited into school to watch the children perform their dance.
The children were fantastic and put on a great performance.
Please click on the show to watch.


 Special Guests...

Red Class had some special guests to visit last week. Sophie's mummy and Annie kindly brought in some chicks to show us which hatched at Easter.
Thank you Sophie's mummy and Annie. The children were thrilled with your visit!
Please click on the show to view.

Red Class Vets

Red Class were very lucky to have a visit from our local vet Mr Antony Rowland from Armac Vets, Bury and his dog Dipsy. Mr Rowland explained what it is like to be a Vet and how to look after our pets. We were even treated to seeing Dipsy having her teeth brushed too. Red Class also wrote lots of questions to ask Mr Rowland.

A big 'Thank You' to Mr Rowland for visiting us and Dipsy too, who was so well behaved. The children thoroughly enjoyed your visit and meeting Dipsy.

Please take a look at the slide shows of Mr Rowland and Dipsy's visit to Red Class and also Red Class as Vets in the role play area.

 Infant Play!

We thought it would be nice to show you a snippet of our Infant Children at playtime.

Please click on the show to view

Jewish New Year- Rosh Hashanah

Red Class have been introduced to the Jewish Religion and the Jewish New Year. We had a visit from a lady from the Jewish Community who at first introduced the children to what special things Jewish people wear- Kippah (skull cap) Tallit (a prayer shawl). Their Holy Book is called the Torah and they go to the synagogue, etc. Then the Jewish New Year was explained to Red Class...
Rosh Hashanah is the Jewish New Year festival and commemorates the creation of the world. This festival marks the Jewish New Year and begins with ten days of repentance and self examination, during which time God sits in judgment on every person. The festival is also known as the Day of Judgment, the Day of the Sounding of the Shofar, and the Day of Remembrance.
Over the two days of Rosh Hashanah, there are special services at the synagogue. A musical instrument, called a shofar, is blown. It makes a loud piercing sound like a trumpet and reminds Jews of God's great power. People eat slices of apple dipped in honey. This is a way of wishing each other a sweet and happy New Year. Red Class tasted Challah Bread and Honey Cake.


Red Class have been learning all about baptism. The children have brought in pictures of their own baptism and discussed what it means to them. In groups the children have performed for you a baptism. They chose the Mum, Dad, Vicar, Godparents and the name of the baby.
Please take a look at the shows. NB... a doll was used, not a real baby!!!

Shrove Tuesday

Red Class have learned all about what 'Shrove Tuesday' means to us as Christians.
Please take a look at the shows of Red Class tossing pancakes.

Red Class Dance

Red Class have been taking dance lessons in PE for the past few weeks.
Please click on the dance show to see Red Class performing their dance for you.


Talent Show 2012

Red Class has talent!

The school council organised a talent contest in which the whole school could participate.
Please click on the shows to see what talent is in our class.

 Mr Gumpy's Outing

Red Class have worked extremely hard learning off by heart the story 'Mr Gumpy's Outing'.

Please click on the slideshow to watch Red Class performing the story for you!

Posting Christmas Cards

Red class walked up to our local post office to buy stamps and post our homemade Christmas Cards in the postbox.

Please click on the slideshow to view us.


 Can You Believe This?

Red class had a magical experience today and Miss Doughty was lucky enough to be able to capture it on film for you all to see!

Please take a look at the slideshow!

Please click on the slideshow... Red Class has a message for you!


Months of the Year

Take a look at how Red Class are learning the months of the year.
Please click on the video to the right to see!


 Autumn Walk

Red Class went looking around the school grounds for signs of Autumn.
Please click on the slideshow to view.

Pirates Topic!

  The topic for Red Class last half term was Pirates.
Please take a look at all the learning and fun we had from singing sea shanties to drinking rum! (non-alcoholic of course!). We had a fantastic Pirate Party to end the topic.

Also, click below to download the story of Red Class Pirates (PowerPoint presentation)

Ideas For Learning Spellings.

Take a look at some different ways in which we can learn our spellings. Thank You Ben for sharing this with us.

Miss Duckworth

Ant World!

Red Class have two new additions to the class. We have an ant world and are watching and waiting for our sea monkeys to grow.
Red Class have settled in nicely and have been busy bees making three displays for their classroom: