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Diva lamps 😁

We have been learning all about Diwali, a Hindu celebration, known as the ‘Festival of Lights’.
Here we listened to the story of Prince Rama and Princess Sita who were  banished for 14 years  and learnt that people lit ‘diva’ lamps to show them the way home again. Nursery decided to make our own diva lamps as part of our Diwali celebrations.
We added the ingredients to make salt dough and the children  stirred and  mixed the mixture very well. They listened carefully to my instructions and were able to roll their dough in to a ball, just like we do in ‘Dough disco’ πŸ˜ƒ. The children tried very hard to pinch the dough in to a bowl shape, which was very tricky πŸ‘.
The diva’s were placed in the oven to go hard and once cooled we were able to paint them. Nursery talked about the colours and practised holding their paint brushes correctly at the bottom. As a finishing touch, we sprinkled some glitter around the sides to make our divas sparkle πŸ™Œ. Well done  children, your diva’’s looked fantastic and all ready to light up when  you have your Diwali meal at the end of the week πŸ˜πŸ‘.

Diva lamps