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Year 4

Welcome to Year 4
Electrical Circuits

Please take a look at the funky electrical circuits we have made in Year 4.

Learning to tell the time

Take a look at Year 4’s practical learning to tell the time!

The Tudors

Last term, Year 4 learned all about the Tudors.
Please click on the slide shows to see the Tudor Houses and the Tudor Purses year 4 made.

Shape Investigation

Year 4 carried out a shape investigation looking at; describing, making-using geoboards and play dough and drawing our favourites.
Good job Year 4!
Please click on the slideshow to view!

Year 4 have been learning how to look after their teeth and how removing plaque is essential to good dental hygiene. Year 4 chewed a plaque discolouring tablet so they could see where the plaque was and set to work brushing away the plaque.
Please click on the slideshow to see our blue and red teeth and tongues.
Muscle Models
Your children have made a model of either a Bicep/Tricep or a Quadricep/Hamstring.
Please take a look at our fantastic models!
Body & Skeletons
Please click on the slideshow to view Year 4 drawing around each other and labeling the parts of our bodies.
Year 4 have been reading the book 'The Hagstones', so we decided to make our very own Hagstones ,a charm to keep witches away .
Please click on the slide show to see our brilliant designs.
Meet our Year 4 Children!
Please click on the slideshow to say hello!