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This Week's Behaviour Awards Winners:

Gold: Finley Cowie

Silver: Dylan Johnstone Timperley

Bronze: Jacob Farnworth


Reception Role Model Winner:

Hollie Simms

Well done to ALL this week's winners!

Welcome to Reception.

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Well this is it! The very last show with our fantastic Reception Class.

Fun, Laughter, Learning and Fantastic Progress sums up our children this year.

It has been a pleasure and a privilege to teach and be a part of your child's Reception Journey. We will miss them all very much.

Thank you all for all your support throughout the year.

Get those tissues ready everybody! (Staff have already had a preview and the tears were flowing).

So with a tear and and a heavy heart i now type the words...THE END

Mrs Harrison, Miss Ball, Miss Doughty & Mrs Trayford



Leaving 15.wmv

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Graduation 2015

Our children  have passed Reception with flying colours and are now ready for Year 1.

Please take a look at our children in their robe.

Well Done Reception! SUPERSTARS!

Graduation 2015.wmv

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Well Reception have watched our caterpillars turn into beautiful butterflies. Please click on the show to see Reception releasing the butterflies.

Reception Butterflies.wmv

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Week 2 of our class caterpillars

Stockley Farm 2015

Come and join us on our trip to Stockley Farm!

A great day had by all!

Reception Coach.wmv

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Farm Reception.wmv

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Lunch & Playtime Reception.wmv

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Reception Tractor Ride.wmv

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The Hungry Caterpillar

We have some visitors in Reception. Miss Ball has brought in some Caterpillars that Reception are going to watch and record what happens to them over the next few weeks. Our children are so excited as you can see by the photograph. Please keep visiting our page for regular updates on our Caterpillar Journey.


This term our topic has been Minibeasts. Each week we have learnt about a different minibeast and made lots of butterflies and ladybirds to make our room look fabulous.

We decided to end our learning with an 'Ugly Bug Ball'.

Our party day was a huge success. after a fancy dress parade. singing songs and playing party games, we then sat down to a huge feast!

Thank you to all our parents for donations of food and especially the home made treats that were sent in.

Please click on the shows to see all the fun we had!


Reception Ugly Bug Ball.wmv

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Thanks to all our parents for the party food and Christine for making the Worm Jelly.

The Ugly Bug Ball Song .wmv

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The Ants Go Marching Reception.wmv

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The Ants Go Marching Nursery & Reception.wmv

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Please Click Here to view the whole school taking part in Environment Day!

All ready for Environment Day!

The Bug Lady & The Creepy Crawly Roadshow

Well what a treat for our Reception and Nursery children. We welcomed John & Tracey into school and our children were so excited waiting for the creepy crawly show to begin. Reception and both morning and afternoon Nursery were able to actually see and touch some fantastic Creepy Crawlies!

A massive 'Thank You' to John & Tracy who did a superb show and taught our children lots of facts about Creepy Crawlies.

Please click on the links to visit their websites

Click Here

Click Here

We hope you enjoy the shows!

Creepy Crawly Part 1.wmv

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Creepy Crawly Part 2.wmv

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Butterfly Symmetry

Mrs Harrison has been teaching Reception all about Symmetry! Our children have loved saying the words Symmetry and Symmetrical and are coming to us with all sorts of objects, showing us which are symmetrical and which are not.
Please click on the slideshow to view our children and their symmetrical butterfly. They are all hanging from our classroom ceiling and look amazing!


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Well the proof is in the pudding as they say! Please take a look at our fantastic Reception's writing. We are so very proud of you all! Your progress is a joy to witness!

We have put each pupils very 1st writing on entry next to how they write now.

We are a very proud Reception Team!

Mini Beast Writing.wmv

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Ambulance Visits Our Foundation Unit

We were lucky enough to have Mr Simon Yates, a paramedic who brought his ambulance to school and showed us lots of special equipment and told us all about his job, and the importance of the emergency services and that special number 999.

Please visit this link for it is very important for children to understand how their ambulance service works and what to do in an emergency.

They have put together a number of very useful activites books which all feature NWAS' special ambulance character Ali.

All these activity books can be downloaded and used to help teach children the rights and wrongs of the ambulance service

Click Here
Thank you Simon, our Reception children loved your visit!

Ambulance Reception.wmv

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Derek and his Guide Dog Greg!
Our Foundation Unit welcomed Derek and his guide dog Greg into our classrooms. Derek explained to our children how Greg is a working dog and gave examples of how Greg guides Derek in everyday life, such as crossing the road or climbing up steps.Derek also brought in his braille magazines for us to keep to show how he reads.
The children loved every minute of Derek’s visit and were thrilled as they all got to pat and stroke Greg who was so well behaved.
Thank you Derek and Greg for coming to visit us and thank you to Louis' Mummy  (Year 1) for asking and bringing Derek and Greg to our school.

Derek & Greg Reception.wmv

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Why We Celebrate Easter!

Mrs Harrison told our Reception Class how she was watching the Breakfast News and they had sent a film crew to different schools asking the school children the question Why Do We Celebrate Easter?. Mrs Harrison explained that not one school knew the real reason why. Mrs Harrison asked our Reception Class that very question. We were all thrilled and proud that so many of our children knew the real reason of why we celebrate Easter, as we had been learning all about Easter in class.

Please click on the video to view a few of our children explaining why we celebrate Easter.

Why we celebrate Easter.wmv

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After learning about why we celebrate Easter, Lilly went home and made a beautiful cross with Jesus on it & Oliver wrote a lovely description of Easter which are both proudly displayed on our Reflections board.

Midwife Visit

We were very lucky to have Robyn's Mummy Melanie visit us to tell us all about her job as a midwife. Melanie told us how she looks after babies before they are born and after they are born, as well as looking after the new Mums too. Robyn did a super job helping her Mummy show us what she uses when at work.

Thank you Melanie for coming to visit us and telling us all about your job!

Visit from Midwife.wmv

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Police Visit Our Foundation Unit


We have been talking about people who help us and especially our ‘Emergency Services’.
Our Foundation Unit had a visit from some very important people, ‘The Police’. We were very lucky to have DI Martin Hopkinson who is a Policeman to come and talk to us and bring a Police Car with other Police Officers.
The Policemen told us all about their job and what they do to help us. We wore the Policemen’s helmets, held the walkie-talkie, handcuffs and truncheon.
Miss Hardman was dressed as the Police Officer and Miss Wharmby was the robber. Miss Hardman chased Miss Wharmby around the classroom and then when Miss Hardman caught Miss Wharmby the handcuffs were put on! Our children laughed so much at this!
Then we went out to see the Police Car. Our children sat in the Police Car, turned on the blue flashing lights and turned the police sirens on too.
What a fantastic experience for our children!

We would like to thank the following officers for coming to visit us.

DI Martin Hopkinson (Ashton)
PC Phillip Flanagan (Radcliffe)
PCSO Mike Mason (Radcliffe)
PCSO Andrew Crookes (Radcliffe)

Thank You for giving up your time to come and visit us. Our Children loved your visit!

Reception Police.wmv

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Solar Eclipse

An exciting morning on Friday 20th March for Reception Class. Using Oliver as the sun, Kendal as the moon and herself as the earth, Mrs Harrison first explained to our children how in a solar eclipse the moon moves between the Earth and the Sun. When this happens, part of the Sun's light is blocked.The sky slowly gets dark as the moon moves in front of the Sun. When the moon and Sun are in a perfect line, it is called a total eclipse. These are very rare. Most people only see one in their lifetime. We then watched CBBC News to see the eclipse live! Miss Doughty went outside and took photographs of the sky above school to show the children. Reception noticed it went a little darker outside and Miss Doughty said it was very cold outside and she couldn't hear any birds chirping as it felt like it was night time. An amazing experience to share with Reception. A Goosebump moment again for us!

Please take a look at the slideshow to view our experience.

Solar Eclipse Reception.wmv

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Spring Is Here!

Take a look at our beautiful Spring pictures that are displayed in our window for everyone to enjoy!

Spring Pictures Reception.wmv

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Nurse Becky Visits Nursery & Reception

Continuing our topic 'People Who Help Us' Scarlett's (Nursery) & Lyra's (Year 1) Mummy Becky came to talk to us about her job. Becky is a Nurse at a children's hospital and looks after premature and poorly babies. Becky brought in baby dolls, tiny nappies, bottles and dummies for the children to see. Then our children had a turn at putting the nappies on, feeding the babies etc. Becky brought her stethoscope and the children could listen to each others heart beats. Scarlett did a wonderful job helping her Mummy passing the items round so everyone could see. Lyra came in from Year 1 and showed us some photographs of when she was a tiny, tiny baby. The children loved the visit from Becky and we now know what a nurse in a children's hospital might have to do. Thank you Becky, Scarlett & Lyra, we enjoyed your visit very much.

Nurse Becky.wmv

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Comic Relief

Take a look at the Whacky Hair Styles our Reception children had for Comic Relief Day!

Comic Relief.wmv

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Please, Please DO NOT view this slideshow until Mother’s Day!

Reception Class Mums! Make sure you have your tissues ready!
A Mother’s Day message for Reception Class Mums!
We hope you enjoy the show!

Mrs Harrison, Miss Doughty & Mrs Trayford

Reception Mother's Day.wmv

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Dazzling Daffodils
In Reception we have noticed that we have lots of artists, so with this in mind we decided to let our children experience ‘still art’.
We placed a blue vase with a bunch of daffodils on our table. We then called groups of children over and asked them why they thought we had done this.
We got some fantastic language from this, Spring, flowers, stem, petals, pollen, trumpets etc.
We asked our children to choose what colours they would need as they were going to sit, look at the vase and flowers and try and paint the vase and flowers.


We are so impressed by their painting efforts we are displaying them in our classroom for everyone to enjoy!
Please click on the slideshows to see our finished art work.
We think you will be as impressed as we are!

Reception Daffodils.wmv

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Our Writing Progress!

In Reception, one of our topics this term is ‘People Who Help Us’.
We asked our children to tell us who they think helps us. Reception named Police, Nurses, Doctors, Postmen, Firemen, Dentists, Opticians, Lollipop Lady and Librarians as people they thought helped us. Then we asked the children to choose one of the above to write a sentence on what they do to help us.


Reception went to the writing table. Capital letters, full stops, finger spaces were used as well as using their blending and segmenting skills to write their words. We watched beautiful letter formation and they really thought about what they wanted to write. All we can say is AMAZING! Their eagerness to give writing a try is a joy to witness. You gave us goosebumps Reception!

We are thrilled with how much the children have progressed in all areas but especially their writing skills,


We would like to say ‘thank you’ to you all. the parents, guardians, grandparents etc as with your input at home and our input at school , just look at what your child can achieve!
We make a great team working together!


Thank you,
Mrs Harrison, Miss Doughty & Mrs Trayford

People who help us 'writing'.wmv

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Visit from Firefighter Kate

As our topic this term is People Who Help Us, we were lucky enough to have a visit from Harry's Auntie Kate who is a firefighter stationed at Heywood. Our children were treated to a power point and talk about Kate's job and Miss Wharmby tried on Kate's fire fighting attire. The children loved Kate's visit and wanted to ask lots of questions.

Please take a look at Kate's visit and the power point used.

Thank you Kate for visiting us and telling us all about what a firefighter does.

Firefighter Kate.wmv

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World Book Day

To celebrate World Book Day children came to school dressed as characters from their favourite books. We also welcomed Mrs McGadie to Reception to read to us.

Please take a look at how fantastic our children look!

book day reception.wmv

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Chinese New Year (Year of the Sheep) 2015

An educational and fantastic week was had by all Reception & Nursery children as we celebrated Chinese New Year. To start off the celebrations we all watched on the whiteboard Chinese Children celebrating their New Year, then Mrs Harrison & Mrs Barnes explained to the children all about the fantastic activities we were going to be doing. Reception made Lucky Chinese Envelopes( we put in a surprise too), Chinese Lanterns, a Chinese New Year Sheep, Dragon Dancing, sang Gung Hay Fat Choy and to finish off the week Reception & Nursery enjoyed a Chinese Banquet of rice, noodles, sweet and sour and prawn crackers. We have had an email from Harry H-S' Mummy who says Harry enjoyed the Chinese food so much he wanted noodles and prawn crackers for his tea too! Well done Harry!

Phew! A very busy but very enjoyable week for all our children and staff too!

Please watch the shows to see the fun we had!


Reception singing Gung Hay Fat Choy.wmv

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Reception Chinese Banquet.wmv

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Reception's Chinese Dragon Dance.wmv

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Reception making Year of the Sheep.wmv

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Reception Making Chinese Lanterns.wmv

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Chinese practise dance.wmv

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Chinese Money Envelopes.wmv

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Our Nursery and Reception children were given a box. We asked them what they wanted to make with it. They decided on a Turtle Den which they could use to spy on people, which led us into a great session on Camouflage. We asked them the best colours to paint their den with, Reception children turned their paintbrushes upside down and wrote Turtle Den in the paint. This activity was loved by all, we even had children making their own turtle dens out of the construction crates. Please take a look at the slideshow to see some of our children with their Turtle Den!


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Reception using the digital camera

We have spotted in the construction area quite a few children making cameras out of lego. sticklebricks etc and going round the classroom pretending to take photographs. Cue the DIGITAL CAMERA! We gave our children the camera, showed them how to operate it and sent them on their way to take photographs of each other. This was a fantastic technology session and the children loved every minute of being in charge of the camera whilst they took a photograph. Our next steps with our children is to show them how we retrieve the photograph from the camera to a photograph they can hold in their hands.

Please take a look at the show to see our children taking some fantastic photos. (Miss Doughty might be out of a job! sad)

Reception can use the digital camera.wmv

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Fun In The Snow!

Please take a look at some of our Reception children having fun in the snow.

Reception playing in the snow.wmv

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Slinky Dogs

Our mini-topic has been 'Toys'. Reception have been learning about all types of toys. They have seen clips from the film Toy Story and all voted to make a 'Slinky Dog'. This gave Reception a great opportunity to practise their fine motor skills. Please take a look at the slideshow of some Reception children making their Slinkys.

Slinky Dogs.wmv

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The Big Catch of Fish

With the theme of our school hall displays being Miracles/Parables of Jesus, Reception and Nursery were very excited as in our RE session Mrs Harrison & Mrs Connelly had already discussed one of his miracles with our children,' The Big Catch of Fish'. This was read to the children from our children's bible and we watched on the whiteboard, school children from a different school performing the catch of fish. Our children loved this so we decided to make our display board in the hall this miracle. Every child took part and helped to make the boat and the fishermen, and they all designed their very own fish for the fishermen to catch in their net. 

The display sits proudly in the hall and even if we say so ourselves, it looks magnificent!

Older children in the school are stopping to look and asking questions about the display which is fantastic to witness as our children love telling them all about the miracle.

Please take a look at the shows to view our children hard at work and the finished display.

The Big Catch of Fish.wmv

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Growing Up!

Mrs Harrison was talking to the children about all the different things we will be doing this term. This will include visits from Police, Paramedics, Fire Service, Vets and Derek who will bring his guide dog in and talk about how his dog helps him.

This sparked off some excitement with the children and they were eager to tell us what they would like to be when they grow up.

We thought we would capture these moments on film for you to see and maybe... in years to come, the children may just realise their dreams!

When I Grow Up Pt 4.wmv

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When I Grow Up Pt 3.wmv

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When I Grow Up Pt 2.wmv

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When I grow up Pt1.wmv

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Our PE Lesson
Our children have been so excited for our PE lesson. On Tuesday morning 33 children managed to undress and put their PE kits on in just over 20 mins. Lucy M beat our Reception record by being the first to be ready in 4 mins flat! Fantastic Lucy!
Into the hall we went. We did some warm up exercises first, star jumps and performed actions to songs , 
We did lots of exercise and Mrs Harrison asked us to feel our hearts beating to show how our hearts beat faster as we exercise. To finish off we had a game of ladders which our children loved playing. They were all very disappointed as the lesson had to end.
Please click on the slideshow to see what fun we had!

PE Reception.wmv

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Number Sequencing

In order to achieve the Early Learning Goal for number, we have been practising counting and sequencing numbers from 1 to 20. All our children are at various levels in their ability to count, recognise & sequence numbers. Many children are confident and like to do this independently, while some enjoy working with friends. Children are required to place numbers in order and say which is one more or one less than a given number. We also play games of missing numbers which our children really enjoy.

Please view the slide show of our children sequencing numbers.

They are all trying so hard! Well done Reception!

Number Train.wmv

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Reception's New Year Resolutions!

Our Reception children couldn't wait to tell us all about their Christmas holiday. After we had talked about all the presents and fun we had over the holiday we discussed how we are now in a New Year and we make resolutions . Mrs Harrison explained that a resolution is a promise that you make to yourself, and how it is a tradition that many people practice at the beginning of the New Year. We asked our children to come to the writing table and asked them to write down their very own resolutions for 2015.

Once again our Reception Children amazed us with their writing skills and their eagerness to try and scribe their thoughts and ideas.

You are all progressing so well Reception. 

Please watch the slideshow to see our Resolutions!

New Year.wmv

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Snowdrops by Reception
Reception children have been busy this new term making snowdrop paintings to display in our classroom.

We have discussed that although its winter some flowers do grow in the winter season and we have asked our children to see if they can spot any snowdrops or any plant/flower that has started to shoot. We are looking forward to their responses as our children love to have tasks to do at home and are so eager to bring in their findings. 
Please click on the slideshow to see Reception making the paintings and their finished masterpieces!
Well done Reception, they look lovely!

Reception Snowdrops.wmv

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Reception Posting Their Letters To Santa.

Reception wrote their letters to Santa. We then walked to the Post Office to post them. Take a look at Reception posting their letters. They were so excited!

Reception Posting Letters To Santa.flv

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Christmas Dinner Day

Friday 12th December 2014 was Christmas Dinner day.Christmas Carols playing in the hall,crackers being pulled and our children enjoyed their Christmas Dinner. Take a look at the slideshow of our children on Christmas Dinner Day!

Christmas Dinner 2014 Reception.wmv

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Santa Suits
Please take a look at the slideshow of our Reception children dressed in Santa Suits!
How GORGEOUS do they look?


Penguin Facts
We have been teaching the children about facts and fiction. Mrs Harrison read the children a fiction book about a penguin, then we asked the children to find us a fact about penguins at home using either a book or the internet with their parents/ guardians. 
Well, we were amazed at the amount of facts they had researched.
Please take a look at the fantastic facts our children have written.
Reception are so clever!


We decided to make Snowmen again for our classroom winter display as the children love this activity. This turned into a maths theme too as the children all talked about the shapes needed to make and decorate a snowman.
Please take a look at the fantastic ‘glittery’ snowmen that were made for our classroom.
Reception are little artists!


Winter Trees
Our children have noticed the change in the weather and how we are moving into a different season e.g. Jack Frost has been and how there are some trees with no leaves on, so we decided to make our Winter Trees for our window display.
Our children used their handprints for branches with lots of glue and glitter making their very own ‘Winter Trees’.
Some fantastic language again could be heard coming from the creative area...
Ice, hibernate, sparkly spiders webs, freezing, slippy, cold, etc and obviously Christmas was used a lot.
Please take a look at the slide shows of our children and their finished winter trees.
They look lovely in our window!
Well Done Reception!
Mrs Harrison


Our Happy Songs For You!
All the staff in the Foundation Unit have passed comment on how happy and settled our children are. We hear lots of laughter and see happy smiling faces in our unit every day. Therefore Mrs Harrison decided to teach the children the 2 happy songs that she used to sing to her boys when they were little. Miss Doughty then wondered if they could learn the song she used to sing to her boy when he was small.( Miss Doughty can’t sing like Mrs Harrison hence the backing track on Happiness ha ha!)
Our children loved singing these songs and we hope you enjoy the happy songs too! 
Well done Reception, keep SMILING!



Reception PE Session
In PE we have been using balls to show us their increasing control over an object by throwing, kicking, passing and catching.
Please take a look at our Reception Children in PE with our visiting coach.
Good job Reception!

Reception have had a fantastic time learning about the Hindu festival Diwali. They have made Rangoli patterns and designed some beautiful Diva Lamps as well as eating a feast of rice, curry, Nan bread and poppadoms with chutney.
Please click on the slideshows to view our Diwali Celebrations!


Remembrance Day
On Tuesday 11th November we explained to our class all about Remembrance Day, why we wear poppies and why we fall silent at 11am for 2 minutes.
At 11 am our children put their hands together, bowed their heads and fell silent, while we remembered. Not a sound could be heard in Reception Class!
A very touching and goose bump moment!

Reception Autumn Walk
On the 4th November 2014 Reception & Nursery Children went on their Autumn Walk . Wellingtons were the order of the day and off we went to George's Wood where we looked for the signs of autumn. The children collected leaves and twigs to bring back to school. We saw berries and mushrooms growing and even saw some chickens, beehives and horses as we ambled our way back to school. 
Please click on the slideshow to see us on our Autumn Walk.


Leaf Men
With out topics last term being Our Bodies & Autumn we decided to combine the two topics and came up with the idea of letting our children make Leaf Men. Off the children went to the craft table and using leaves and googly eyes set about making leaf men. Please click on the show to see our children with their finished leaf men. They all look so good that they are displayed all over our classroom. Well done Reception!


Talk for Writing!
Talk for Writing is the exploration, through talk, of the thinking and creative processes involved in being a writer.
By talking the text they begin to internalise the common language patterns of narrative and non-fiction, freeing up more cognitive space for composition. The strategies are fun, engaging and motivating for children and the whole class learn to talk, discuss and think like writers.
Please click on the show to see our children performing The Little Red Hen for you.


Autumn Songs
We thought you may like to see the 2 songs that our children would have performed in our Harvest Assembly due to Mrs Harrisons absence on the day, therefore we filmed the children singing their songs so you wouldn’t miss out!
We hope you enjoy them as much as we did!
What beautiful singers Reception are! Fantastic!



Dingle Dangle Scarecrow
Please take a look at our Reception and Morning Nursery Children performing Dingle Dangle Scarecrow for you. We have some beautiful singing and actions for you to enjoy!
The Foundation Team


First Attempt at Writing!
We showed the children a picture of a scarecrow and asked them to tell us a sentence about the scarecrow. We then encouraged them to write their sentence under the scarecrow picture. 
They all tried so hard to write their sentence! 
Well Done Reception!
We have a Reception Class full of STAR WRITERS!
Please look at the slideshow at our Reception children’s 1st attempt at writing.


Pumpkin Competition!
Nursery and Reception held a Pumpkin Competition before we broke up for half term. Mr Gerrard came and chose the winners although he did say he found it very difficult to choose as all the pumpkins were fantastic. We agree, thank you to all our children and parents etc for designing fantastic pumpkins. All our children received a prize as they had put so much effort into their designs.
Please click on the slideshow to see your fantastic creations!
The Foundation Team


Autumn Trees
All our children enjoyed making their pictures of Autumn Trees.
They were trying really hard using scissors to cut long, thin pieces of paper to make the branches.
Some lovely language came from this activity, as the children talked about different animals collecting food ready to hibernate and birds getting ready to migrate as well as how they know its Autumn, leaves on the ground, conkers etc.



Our Skeletons
Please click on the slideshows of our Reception Children making their very own skeletons and their finished skeleton. Lots of mathematical language was used by the children e.g., long, short, what length etc as they did the activity as well as cutting skills and remembering where our bones are and feeling our bones in our body. 

Our Children couldn’t wait to get started on this activity. In fact the whole class had finished them all in 2 days as they were all so eager to do theirs we had to keep going until they had all done them. They have made fantastic skeletons which are proudly on display in our classroom.

Well Done Reception! We are very proud of you!





Our Bodies
Our topic this term is ‘Ourselves’. Mrs Harrison drew around one of our children Rory on paper and then we asked our children to name the parts of the body.

Harry brought in a fantastic game and book showing us all our different parts of our bodies. Thank you Harry!

Please take a look at the show to see how clever our Reception children are!


Reception at Lunchtime!
Please click on the slideshow to see our Reception Class enjoying their lunch!


Welcome to Reception Class of 2014-15
Well, here we are with our new Reception Class. We are thrilled with the way they have all settled in to a full day at school and our school routines. We know you must be wondering what they have been doing this first term so please click on the slideshows of our first weeks in Reception showing their Indoor and Outdoor Activities.
Please visit our page often as more shows will be added!
Mrs Harrison, Miss Doughty & Mrs Trayford