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The Colour Monster

The Colour Monster is one of our favourite books in Nursery and we read it and refer back to it to help our children better understand their emotions πŸ₯°. 
Each morning during self registration, your child will be asked to place their name underneath the colour monster that they are feeling. 

        We have : 
A yellow monster    -  representing happiness πŸ’›
A blue monster        - representing sadness πŸ’™ 
A red monster          - representing anger ❀️
A black monster       - representing fear πŸ–€ 
A green monster      - representing calm πŸ’š 
A pink monster         - representing love πŸ’– 
A colour monster     - representing confusion 🌈

To help us think about this story, we invited the children to make play dough colour monsters, which they decorated with different coloured wool and googly eyes! We then discussed what types of things make us happy, sad, angry etc. Apparently bed time makes the Nursery children angry ❀️ 🀣. 
Lots of children said Mummy kisses and cuddles makes them happy πŸ’›πŸ˜. 

We will use this story to support Personal, Social and Emotional Development (PSED) in class.