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Red Class

Teddy Bear's Picnic



Trip to Knowsley Safari Park 15th June 2011

Years 1 & 2 travelled by coaches to Knowsley Safari Park.


We drove through the Safari Park and saw lions, rhinos, giraffes, elephants, camels, gazelles and the famous monkeys who were sat on a car trying to rip off the windscreen wiper. We all laughed at that! Then it was time for a spot of lunch. After lunch we had a walk round meeting  meerkats, ponies, pigs etc.


Then it was off to watch the sea lion show. The sea lions were very clever and performed lots of tricks for us. After the show we made our way back to the coach when the heavens opened and we all got drenched as we ran to the coaches. Please take a look at the slideshow to see our day!



Fairytales and Puppets

Red Class have been immersed in Fairytale Stories. We have listened, read and acted out all the different stories. Then we chose our favourite Fairytale and were put into groups. We were given a cardboard box to make a puppet theatre and in our groups we planned, designed and brought in items to make the box look like our Fairytale story. After that we made our puppets depending on the characters we were playing. In our our groups we planned and wrote out a short play script. We practiced these and added a musical instrument. We then performed our puppet shows in front of different classes. We worked really hard and had lots of fun making and performing the puppet shows. The other classes loved watching them . We hope you do too!









A Lesson in Spanish!

Year 5 visited Red Class to give Red Class a lesson in Spanish.
Year 5 showed Red Class the colours in Spanish and performed mini plays all spoken in Spanish. Red Class were also treated to a Spanish game on the whiteboard and finally Year 5 had designed information booklets in Spanish which they translated to their buddies in Red Class.
Year 5 gave a superb presentation and Red Class were the perfect audience.
Well Done Everyone!


Local Area Walk

Red Class went on a local area walk in our village. Please take a look at the slideshow to see what we saw on our walk.


Junk Modelling

Red and Green Class were asked to design a model out of junk.
Please take a look at the slideshow to see some of the fabulous creations.
Superb Work Red and Green Class!


Red Class have been learning their times tables. Please click on the slideshow to watch us performing our 2 and 5 times tables.... We hope you enjoy it!


Challenge Fridays

We have started 'Challenge Fridays' in Red Class.
We try to solve problems each week by working together.
'Red Class Children, Can We Fix It? Red Class Children, YES WE CAN!'


Red Class have been learning about their local area.

We had a walk to the post office... bought stamps and posted our letters to each of our own addresses which we had 
learned and handwritten ourselves.


Red Class have been learning about Baptisms

We brought in photographs of ourselves as babies. In groups we acted out a Baptism and chose a name for the baby, Godparents, Vicar etc.
Please take a look out our Baptism Slideshow.


Red Class have been learning how to write and follow instructions.

We have learnt how to make toast and sandwiches.
We have also written and followed our own instructions for making a cordial drink and also how to brush our teeth.
Please take a look at the slideshows...




Mr Gumpy's Outing

Red Class have worked extremely hard learning off by heart the story 'Mr Gumpy's Outing'.
We performed the story in assembly to the whole school and we have a wall display in our classroom about the story.



Celebrating Chinese New Year