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The children discovered that somebody had frozen all of our Arctic animals into a ball, we had our suspicions that it could have been Elsa although we don’t have any evidence to prove this. πŸ˜‰ 
We decided that we needed to get the frozen animals out of the ice as soon as possible. We worked in small groups to look at and feel the ice. The children used words such as cold, wet, and see-through to describe how it looked and felt. I then asked the children how they thought we could free rage Arctic animal. They suggested to hit it with the spoons/forks, they had a go but soon realised that it wasn’t working. I then suggested trying some of the things in the tray. We poured some cold water on the top but they soon discovered that the cold water didn’t really do anything. So then we poured warm water over the top and the children noticed that small cracks started to appear. The children then used the spoons to pour some salt onto the ice, they saw it dissolving into the ice creating cracks and making the ice melt. The children then began pouring more salt and warm water onto the ice, slowly seeing the Arctic animal become less and less frozen until eventually the Arctic animal was rescued. The children loved trying different ways to to free the Arctic animal and there were lots of scientific language being used. The children were able to tell me that the ice had melted into water. A super investigation everyone. β„οΈπŸ‘

We extended the children’s vocabulary using grandma fantastic πŸ‘΅ she had words such as cracked, slippery, numbing and freezing in her basket which they could use to describe the ice. Great work everyone.

Saving the Artic Animals